Le Macaron Brookfield & Wauwatosa

In The Corners of Brookfield & Mayfair Mall, WI

Authentic & Delicious French Macarons, Patisseries & Pastries, Gelato, and Artisan Chocolates

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Le Macaron French Pastries

The macaron is considered to be the jewel of French pastries in Europe. Our macarons will delight: the first bite is a surprise, the second bite is the flavor, and the third bite is the pleasure™, all adding up to create a mouthful of heaven!

Le Macaron French Pastries story started in Florida where founders, Rosalie Guillem and her daughter Audrey Guillem-Saba, had the dream to share delectable French macarons with the world, creating their business from scratch. Today, my team and I are proud to expand their vision and share their wonderful recipes in Greater Milwaukee.

Malory Guyony, Owner & General Manager of Le Macaron Brookfield & Wauwatosa

Malory (left) with her husband Philippe
Le Macaron in The Corners of Brookfield
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Le Macaron in Mayfair Mall (1st Floor)

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Our Menu


A choice of 20 flavors available to enjoy on the spot or to go in boxes of 6, 12 and 24 (standard or gift models).

Single Cakes

A choice of 29 single cakes, cheesecakes, mousse cakes, eclairs and crème brulee.

Celebration Cakes

A choice of 6 large celebration cakes with sizes of 6/8 to 8/10 portions.


A choice of the most famous and delicious French pastries including the fine Butter Croissant, Pains au Chocolat (chocolate croissant), Pain aux Raisins (raisin swirl croissant), Chausson aux Pommes (Apple Turnover) and French Beignets.

Gelato, Sorbets & Milkshakes

A choice of 24 gelato and sorbets flavors made in the pure French and Italian tradition only with the finest ingredients. Available in different formats and milkshakes.

Chocolate Collection

A choice of 25+ kinds of fine chocolates that will make everyone happy, from the famous traditional chocolates from Kohler to our distinguished Signature collection that will surprise you. Available in in boxes of 4 or 9 (white or gift models).

Hot and Iced Coffees, Teas & Craft Drinks

What can be better than starting your day with the best? We serve the finest selection of Lavazza coffees and Le Palais des Thes (Paris) teas.

Special cold and hot crafted drinks.

Candies & Misc

Choice of meringues, candies and seasonal items. And more to come…

We deliver

We use Doordash as our preferred partner to deliver to your home but also use Grubhub and Uber Eats.



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