New Cakes Coming up!

To celebrate our first month of opening our shop at The Corners of Brookfield last June 10, four new cakes will be added to our collection available every day (from July 10). Come on in and enjoy our large selection of Eclairs, tarts, cheesecakes mousses and cakes coming in multiple flavors… 29 total!

Dulce de Leche Cheesecake
A Dulce de Leche cheescake on a layer of graham craker crust with a white chocolate Dulce de Leche glaze.
Alternating layers of chocolate genoise cake and dark chocolate mousse. Covered with dark chocolate ganache and decorated with 64% dark chocolate chips and chocolate decorations.
Bananas Foster
Vanilla genoise layered with banana and vanilla mousse, centered with a rum caramel and decorated with cocoa butter and chocolate pieces.

Our Sacher is a decadent combination of fresh raspberry purée and dark chocolate mousse layered on raspberry infused chocolate genoise, finished with a natural red glaze.

List of all available cakes

Published by Philippe Guyony

The Vincent was of course not my first motorcycle, but rather a slow maturation process, which started in 1982 when a friend of mine offered me the opportunity to ride his Rapide for a few miles. I was student at that time, and in fact, it took me 12 long years to afford the acquisition of my own 1948 Rapide Series B. Since, I have own many other V-Twins of any kind, including a 1951 C Black Shadow, but the Egli-Vincent became to me like an obviousness, or at least, the motorcycle that suited me the best. Even today, although I love all British Classics, she remains for me the ultimate motorcycle, the one I would have if I had to keep only one. My wish is to be able to convey this passion to you through these pages dedicated to the Egli-Vincent and more widely to the Fast Vincent.

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