New Eclairs & Macarons Budget Combos now Available

If you cannot decide between Macarons and Pastries, here is a great way to get both on a budget: “French Riviera” is 1 Éclair and 2 Macarons of your choice for $8.99, and “Seine River”, 2 Éclairs and 4 Macarons for $17.98. No sales tax applies.

French Riviera
pick one Éclair and 2 Macarons of your choice for $8.99
Seine River
Pick two Éclairs and 4 Macarons of your choice for $17.98

Published by Philippe Guyony

The Vincent was of course not my first motorcycle, but rather a slow maturation process, which started in 1982 when a friend of mine offered me the opportunity to ride his Rapide for a few miles. I was student at that time, and in fact, it took me 12 long years to afford the acquisition of my own 1948 Rapide Series B. Since, I have own many other V-Twins of any kind, including a 1951 C Black Shadow, but the Egli-Vincent became to me like an obviousness, or at least, the motorcycle that suited me the best. Even today, although I love all British Classics, she remains for me the ultimate motorcycle, the one I would have if I had to keep only one. My wish is to be able to convey this passion to you through these pages dedicated to the Egli-Vincent and more widely to the Fast Vincent.

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