Loyalty Program

To mark our first anniversary in business (6/10/2021), we are delighted to release our loyalty program which will enable you to earn points on each purchase, no matter what it is, macarons, cakes, coffee, gelato or others*.

The first step is to download the Le Macaron French Pastries app from the App Store or Google Play, Select Start Order and then Select Brookfield, WI.

The first benefit of this app is to provide you instantly access in one place to our online store or the three delivery platforms that we partner with such Doordash (delivery and pickup at the same price than in our store), Grubhub or Uber Eats (delivery only).

When you create your account, your first 30 points will be credited to your account.

Our Loyalty program offers you the opportunity to earn points each time that you spend 1$* in our Brookfield store:

$1 spent = 1 earned point*

75 pts3 macarons or 1 Signature cake (any)
125 pts1 white box of 6 macarons or 2 Signature cakes (any)
250 pts1 white box of 12 macarons or 4 Signature cakes (any)
500 pts1 white box of 24 macarons or 1 Celebration cake (any)
1,000 ptss1 Party Pack of 40 macarons or,
1 Celebration cake (any) plus 1 white box of 24 macarons
Redeem Program

* for all in store or online purchases, excluding partners’ platforms purchases and catering services.

How does it work?

Once the app loaded and your account created, you just have to click on Rewards and then Scan as you buy or pick up your treat in our store. A unique QR Code will appear on your phone that our associate with scan and enter the amount spent. Your account will immediately be credited.

You can check any time your history of earned points on the Points tab.

When you earned enough points for the treat that you wish for, go to our store to redeem pour points; our associate will walk you through the process on your smartphone and you will receive the perk that you have selected. That’s all!


  1. Program started on June 10, 2021. Should the program be terminated, customers enrolled in the program will be compensated pro rata of the earned point by macarons. *e.g. for 150 points earned: 6 macarons : 125 x 150 = 7.2; customer will thus receive 8 macarons. Claims will be accepted 1 year after the official termination of the program published on this page.
  2. The program is only eligible for the Brookfield store of Le Macaron French Pastries.
  3. Multiple accounts cannot be combined to redeem points.
  4. Points are granted only for store orders; Catering or Delivery Platforms orders (Doordash…) are not eligible.
  5. Points are granted only at the time of the payment (in-store) or pickup (website order).
  6. Claims for missing points can only be revolved by Store Manager (please contact tore manager at lemacaronbrookfield@gmail.com)

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