Artisan Chocolates

We offer a large variety of fine chocolates to satisfy the most passionate gourmets and guests. Our signature line is hand-painted and made with the finest ingredients. Each chocolate features a unique design detailed with hand-brushed color and filled with delectably and subtly flavored ganaches.

To complement this unique Signature line, Le Macaron Brookfield retails traditional chocolates from Kohler’s reputable chocolatiers.

Over 25 kinds of fine chocolates that to will make everyone happy!

We maintain permanently a choice of 25+ fine chocolates on the shelves, of which a part are great classics and for the others, seasonal flavors for Valentines, Easter, Summer, Fall and Christmas holidays.
Part of our 2021 Valentines Collection

Traditional line of fine chocolates by Kohler

Terrapins by Kohler
Layers of buttery caramel and rich chocolate set the stage for each of famous Terrapin flavors:
Original Buttery, Cranberry, Blackstrap and Java.
Garden Ganaches by Kohler
As beautiful and varied as the blooms in a garden, hand-painted milk chocolates feature unique rich ganache flavors: Raspberry (red), Macadamia Nut (light Brown), Crème Fraîche (white), and Hazelnut Coffee (dark brown). (sold by unit)

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