Our Gelato, Sorbets & Milkshakes…


When we opened our first store in Brookfield, our vision was that it will become “Your Preferred Dessert Place in Greater Milwaukee”. Offering you genuine French macarons, savorous European cakes, sublime artisan chocolates that look like jewels, and premium gelato made in the pure Italian tradition.

So what makes our gelato so different?

  1. LESS FAT & LESS SUGAR | in the USA, ice cream must contain at least 10% fat to be called ice cream. Our gelato has only 6% fat, and because of this, we can add less sugar. Less fat and less sugar means a much healthier product.  
  2. LESS AIR | gelato and ice cream contain air so they are fluffy and easy to scoop. This process, called overrun, naturally reduces costs, so why pay for air?
    • Cheap ice cream: 50%-70% overrun
    • Premium ice cream: 40-50% overrun
    • Our gelato… 20-30% overrun!
  3. JUST NATURAL FLAVORING | we do not use colorants or artificial flavoring but genuine ingredients and yes our pistachio are genuine Sicilian Pistachio that cost us $85/lb…
  4. SERVED WARMER | Ice Cream is served at 0-5F while gelato is served at 7-10F.

So, what does all this mean?

a product that has less fat, less air, less sugar, genuine ingredients and served warmer comes at a cost but also has an AMAZING mouthfeel. So let’s try one of our 18 exclusive flavors that we serve every day.

15 Flavors All Year long : Birthday Cake | Dark Chocolate Brownie | Cookies & Cream | Vanilla Bean | Sicilian Pistachio | Tiramisu | Espresso Biscoff | Salted Caramel | Mint Chocolate Chips | Nutella | Old Fashioned Wisconsin Brandy | Moose Tracks | Chocolate Cookie Dough | Mango Sorbet | Raspberry Sorbet

3 Seasonal Flavors Currently Available : Coconut | Strawberry Stracciatella | Peppermint Chocolate (@ Mayfair) | Irish Cream (@ Brookfield)

Now with the best of the best gelato, it’s the Milkshake, come over and try one out!

Espresso Shake | espresso

Cookies & Cream Shake | Oreo

Chocolate Shake | Chocolate syrup

Salted Caramel Shake | Caramel syrup and pretzel bites

Blue Moon Shake | Blue moon syrup, bubble gum syrup

S’more shake | Chocolate syrup, toasted marshmallow syrup, marshmallows and graham crackers.

Cookies & Cream Shake
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