French Pastries

All our croissants are made with fine and pure butter in the great French tradition. We bake small batches several times a day so you always get the chance to have freshly baked pastries.

Fine Butter Croissant
Made with fine butter. 2.8oz
Pain aux Raisins
Butter raisin swirl croissant. 3.5oz
French Beignets
Filled with mixed berry preserves or chocolate-hazelnut sauce.
Pain au Chocolat
Called “Chocolatine” in the South of France, while coined “Pain au Chocolat” in the North, this traditional pastry remains consistent for its delicious flavor. Made with fine butter. 2.5oz
Chausson aux Pommes
The cousin to the Apple Turnover, this pastry is sure to delight. 3.5oz
Almond Croissant
Made with fine butter and filled with Frangipane (almond flour based preparation). 2.8oz.
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